• Today…will be plot the NaNo day. #
  • Apex Halloween One Day Sale-ORGY OF SOULS-40% off today only! http://bit.ly/9R5oBR #
  • Woot! Headed off to a game of Burning Wheel at @DoyceT's house. #
  • Trying to get caught up…Oct Apex has some excellent fairy tales this month. http://apexbookcompany.com/apex-online/ #
  • Worldwired – Elizabeth Bear: The last third felt disjointed, but a good ending to a fun series. #
  • Eulogy for an accidentally deleted story: http://blog.deannaknippling.com/?p=2406 #
  • Pro writing qualifications impress me more in people with consistently pro behavior: please follow formatting guidelines! #
  • Tar Sand Zombies: The Quackening http://www.rantdog.com/video/tar-sand-zombies-ep-1-the-quackening/ Surreal zombie humor. #
  • Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson: Just bawled my way through most of it. #
  • Finally got a response back on Ray's book. Form letter. #
  • Brainstorming short story ideas…some edit requests are coming back in late, so I'm going to write my weekly stories ahead of time. #
  • I should invest in a case of tomato soup and goldfish extra cheddars. Stocking up for the @NaNoWriMo blizzard. #
  • I haven't gotten tired of chortling over it, either. @boudreaufreret "I tweet dead people." <- I never get tired of saying this. #
  • One of my secret admirees said she liked the story where I used her as a character. Whee! #
  • Apex Halloween One Day Sale-Stoker Nominated: MAMA'S BOY-40% off
    today only! http://bit.ly/azOVFw #
  • Hey @doycet – check out the previous 2 tweets re: Michael Wincott. Just so. #
  • Mmmm…tomato soup and homemade croutons. #
  • Story "Precious" done: "That is, I felt no lust; I had to sympathize with the cruelty of her compulsion." #

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