I’ve been trying to eat better.  For the most part, it’s been working–it’s summer, and eating healthier meals is easy, with all the veggies I keep dragging home from the farmers’ market.  I feel bad about letting them go bad, and I have very little impulse control when it comes to farmers’ markets, so there are a lot of them.  Voila, the perfect conditions and inspiration to make meals mostly based on a little protein and a lot of vegetables.

But then there are the snacks.

I eat healthy meals and then gorge on stupid stuff.

A few weeks ago, I found some crystallized ginger on sale, so I picked some up.  Now, there’s only so much crystallized ginger that I can eat at any given time, but I do like it.

I’ve found, in fact, that when I crave a pile of potato chips or cookies, if I eat a piece of ginger instead, I’m good.  Sure, it’s a piece of ginger soaked in sugar, so I’m getting a lot of sugar.  But it’s only one.

The intensity of flavor is much more satisfying than its quantity.

I wonder what else might work.