No, not the kind of pickle chips you get out of a jar.  The kind of pickle chips you get out of a bag…

I can’t find these in Colorado, usually.  There are some really good ones that you can sometimes get at the commissary at the Air Force Academy (thanks, Chris!), but I don’t go there.

However, for some reason, you can get them freely in non-Colorado states like Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota.  I think it’s all the Scandinavians and their love of dill (see gravlax).

Anyway, on my recent trip back to South Dakota (traveling through all three other states mentioned), I bought four bags of pickle chips.  Here’s how they rated:

  • Dakota Style Dill Pickle Kettle Potato Chips – 5/5. Extremely crunchy chip with lots of vinegar and dill. This is the kind that hurts your mouth so good. The kind at the commissary were like this, but I don’t remember if they were the same brand.
  • Lay’s Dill Pickle – 4/5. A fragile, delicate chip with lots of vinegar and dill. If I liked the type of chip, I would have liked this best. But I like kettle chips better, so there.
  • Old Dutch Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips – 3/5. A fragile, oily chip with only a modicrum of vinegar but plenty of dill.
  • [Eaten on a different day.] Pringle’s Extreme Screamin’ Dill Pickle – 2/5. I’m not that fond of Pringle’s-style chips, and if I remember correctly, these aren’t vinegary so much as they are vinegar-powdery, and have sugar in the powder. Meh.
  • Uncle Ray’s Kosher Dill Potato Chips – 1/5. A fragile, oily, bubbly chip with no flavor and little pieces of dill scattered across them as decoration.

All in all, a dill chip extravaganza.  My cultural heritage has been celebrated!  Yaaaaay!