• Going on a jet plane today, hoping it'll actually take off on time. #
  • Grinding my short-story writing skillz while TDY. #
  • I finally wrote the "murder god" story; chars no longer resemble the people they were inspired by. THAT story is too complex to write. #
  • Now I'm working on "Miracle, Texas," about an Old West tribe of Amazons. It doesn't go well. #
  • Although that's the basic plot of any story, isn't it? "Here's the situation; it didn't go well." #
  • On my way back from DC. Smithsonian good. Traffic bad. The Mall is an overdignified state fair. #
  • Chuao's Firecracker (dark choc, chipotle, salt, pop rocks) is both funny and delicious. It's the salt that makes it, though. #
  • I have bribed the maids into letting my room stay a mess with chocolate Riesen. #
  • Bought a laptop mouse. Ahhhhh, sweet lord. #

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