We successfully pulled off the Julie & Julia party on Saturday, with Ann, Larry, Dave, Margie, and Cindy coming in through snow and fog to reach our humble abode.  Dave & Margie brought Katherine; she and Ray disappeared outside to the playhouse for oh, about six hours.*  Ray, unsurprisingly, has a bad cold right now.

The general idea was to make all kinds of challenging or unfamiliar dishes, eat, then watch the Julie & Julia movie to help us struggles past our flops:  if we can laugh at Julie Powell and Julia Child making fools of themselves from time to time, then surely we can laugh at ourselves, right?

Here’s what we made:

  • Fresh mozzarella (success!). Ann made a honey-date sauce for it.
  • Rennet (which, sadly, died.  But it was for bonus points anyway.)
  • Egg noodles (success!).
  • Truffle Parrano sauce (success!).
  • Orange-rosemary olives (a ridiculously easy success!).
  • Baked Cucumbers (success!). (Don’t make that face. They were good.)
  • Garlic mashed potatoes (which I have made a thousand times and thus cannot claim anything much about, other than I felt like eating them).
  • Celery root-fennel salad (success!).
  • Beef with Marrow (success!).
  • Creme brulee (coughforgotsugarcough but successful use of blow torch!  FIRE!).
  • Rum Raisin Ice Cream (success! Next time, no rum in the custard! NONE!).
  • Lavender martinis (TOO MUCH LAVENDER OIL).

We were also treated to Larry’s beer.  I had the Ginger Saison.  It was mine.

Mostly successes, which surprised me:  we didn’t burn, tip over, put an inappropriate ingredient in, or otherwise destroy anything utterly.  Some not-so-successes.  The movie was…huh.  Funny but a bit of a lollygag.

Recipes, as I know them, will follow later this week.

For everyone who came over to my house to play with food – Thank you :)

*Oh yes. And then the bathtub, for almost another six hours. How many bathrooms in my house? ONE.