I’ve been playing around with making homemade chai. Because I’m lazy,* I’ve been playing around with making it in the microwave.

There’s a secret ingredient.

What’s the worst thing about making some kind of milk-based hot drink? In the microwave or otherwise.

That’s right. The skin. No matter how much you try to talk yourself into thinking that you can just peel it off and make it all better, it’s still gross, and you still have to flick it off into the sink, where it dries and becomes difficult to remove.

So. Fill your mug 3/4 full of milk, then top it off with water. Works every time.

3/4 mug milk
1/4 mug water
–Heat almost to boiling.

Add, in a tea strainer, one rounded tablespoon of good, loose black tea leaves, 1 teaspoon of salt-free Chinese five-spice powder, a pinch of ground cardamom, and a pinch of nutmeg. Brew for five minutes and remove strainer.

Add a teaspoon of sugar or honey, stir, and reheat for half a minute in the microwave. Stir again, and drink.

*I may not appear to be lazy, but that’s because I’m doing what I was going to do anyway, nyaa.