Yeesh. You’d think it wouldn’t be so hard to find Saveur sitting around a grocery store. I found this one at Sunflower Market.

I’ve never read an issue of Saveur before.

If Fine Cooking is about a fascination with technique and adaptability, and Bon Appetit is about engineering an memory, with food, then Saveur seems to be about running around in circles and screaming, “OMG Did you try that?” while pretending to be respectable.

But maybe it was the issue, which was “The Saveur 100: Our readers share their favorite ingredients, chefs, tools, tips, and more.”

I haven’t hit the point where I’ve made any of these recipes yet, but I still feel like I got an education. Ginger syrup. How to make a salad in parts, dress it, then stir it together (Burmese tea leaf salad). (Yay! They mentioned!) Rabbit recipe that looks good. Snake cucumbers. Using wonton wrappers for everything under the sun. Chocolate gravy (chocolate gravy?). Dried lemon zest: take it off, put it on a piece of waxed paper, then crush it. I bet it keeps well, too.

The recipes range from the tasty to the foolish, with no real drive for “elegant” or “difficult.”  There’s a recipe for tuna melts, for heaven’s sake.  And chocolate pie.  And for a bloody mary you’d have to eat with a fork, the chunks are so big.  The main recipe I’m keeping my eye on is Crabs and Spagetti, which is spaghetti with marinara and a crab on top.  (Crab legs, crab meat.  But I bet you could just put a whole crab.  On top.)

I can just feel the exclamation points running behind the text:  “Try this!  And this!  And this!”  And a little excitement isn’t a bad thing, but I’ll have to read another issue or two before Idecide whether the subscribe.