Pan-roasting is a combined, double-technique kind of dish, where you start out with one technique and finish up with another. It sounded fantastic: brown the chicken in a pan, then finish it in the oven.

Alas, I had ideas and did not follow the recipe directions as given.  Where the recipe stated to pour off all but a few tablespoons of the chicken fat after browning the pieces in the pan, I left it in:  more fat, more flavor.

Alas, the finished dish turned my stomach, and the crispiness of the skin had disappeared into a gelatinous slump.

Maybe it was the cornbread I decided to bake at the same time, releasing too much liquid into the oven air.  Probably it was a combination.

However, Lee said the chicken was quite good, and I probably would have liked it, if only for the grease.

I threw the chicken in with green olives, lemon, shallots, and thyme.  A good combination, and I’d use it again.