Oh, Warehouse. You make me so happy. However, you really need to get some decent beer. The Blue Star kicks your ass when it comes to beer.

But I praise your forest mushroom soup, which is more like brewed milk than a heavy chowder. The crab cakes were all right, but nothing exotic. Perhaps I should give up on crab cakes, as much as I like crab, because they are essentially a comfort food that I get when I’m not looking for comfort food. Also, the fried polenta sticks that came with the orange-chipotle wild boar were heavy and dull and annoying, so nevermind them next time, sorry. I sucked the meat off the bones. The cannoli were regretfully dull; please don’t do that anymore. My husband’s black and white chocolate pate was delicious; he is a king among men for letting me taste it.

Remember I only say these things because I love you. Mwah! I plan to hack your mushroom soup recipe in the near future, see if I don’t.