in Colorado Springs.

I am totally getting jaded about restaurant food.

I like the food at Blue Star, but I don’t know that it challenges me the way I want it to.  I want a restaurant that comes up with ideas that I couldn’t have, and then prepares them perfectly.  For me, Nosh and the Warehouse always hit that.

Don’t get me wrong; Blue Star is inventive and prepares its dishes pretty damned well.  It’s just that there wasn’t anything on the menu that felt like I could toss myself off the stupid cliff, screaming, “I’ll just have to trust the chef” on the way down.  Nothing that made me look twice.

I had deep-fried, battered green beans with truffle mayo and crab cakes with sriracha, cilantro, and soy dips, with green peas.  All delicious.  And the company was great – Ann and Larry, and meeting Doug and Lauren, who unabashedly love long-haired chihuahuas and want to know if I’ll join their smartass PTA commune in Manitou Springs (I negotiated a cave for Lee).  I like the atmosphere (although it’s a bit loud for intimacy), I like the food…I’m just not inspired to cook anything after eating there.  Hm…I do want to find some of that truffle cheese that Ann ordered, though.  I took a bite, and it was like a male stripper was humping my leg:  Wow!  But, um, could you er, step back a bit?