This is an English traditional dish that Lee requested, and fits solidly into the category of “guy food.”

Not “man food.”  Guy food.

Guy food is meat, grease, and starch, with a few aromatics or something sour for flavor.  Pizza isn’t guy food, but brats on a bun with sauerkraut is.  Fish and chips is guy food.  Steak and taters is guy food.  Bacon and eggs with pancakes is guy food.

I like me some good guy food from time to time, but I’d kill myself inside of five years if I tried to eat that way all the time.

Bangers and mash is sausages with potatoes.  There’s a particular type of sausage that goes with it, apparently, because when I went to Sunflower market to pick up some sausages, they had some labeled “Banger sausages.”  Unfortunately, I only saw those after I picked up “English sausages.”

Unfortunately, I never did get one of the English sausages to figure out what it tasted like, because I had one of the Linguisa (portugese garlic) sausages I had left over, instead.

Mmm.  Garlic.

I’m not going to give a full recipe here; like most guy food, it’s a pretty forgiving dish.

Make a batch of mashed potatoes.  I made a batch of my usual garlic mashed potatoes.  Open a jar of beef gravy (or make your own, if so inclined) and heat it with some Worchestershire sauce, maybe a teaspoonful, and some garlic, if desired.  (The Worchestershire sauce, IMO, is not optional.)  Fry up some sausages, pricking the skin with a fork and covering them.  When the inside is cooked and the outside is covered with crunchy bits, you’re done.  Slice a yellow onion thinly and fry it in butter.

Assemble with the potatoes on the bottom, sausages next, onions after, and gravy on top.