A milk chocolate.

First, the chocolate.  I’m not a big fan of milk chocolate, so I tend to be pickier about milk than dark.  Milk chocolate doesn’t snap, but the stuff that I like tends to have a high fat content from the chocolate as well as from the milk side of things, and so still has that melt-in-your mouth quality.

This bar didn’t have it.  It was a much more dense, Belgian-chocolate type.  I could almost taste the milk, but it was more like powdered milk than anything rich.

Next, the flavor.  Neither the honey nor the green tea flavors really came through.  The honey was there, but not strongly.  The green tea appeared as a weak aftertaste.

I don’t know.  Maybe this would be a milk chocolate lover’s dream.  Maybe I’m getting too picky when it comes to chocolate.  I was looking forward to a heavy, almost bee-pollen taste and the scent of good matcha crawling up my sinuses, but no.