I guess you could call it a resolution, but resolutions are big things, like “being a more adventurous cook.”  These are little things, doable things, that I want to do, which, incidentally, will result in my being a more adventurous cook.

Tricky, aren’t I?

  • Be able to make profiteroles and cream puffs.

  • Cook with a truffle.
  • Make Peking duck.
  • In general, learn to cook with duck.
  • Make at least a lousy batch of hard apple cider.
  • Learn how to get knives sharper than Oscar Wilde’s wit.
  • Have people over more often to cook and eat and travel to their houses to do the same.
  • Seek out unusual ingredients. And make a recipe with them before they go bad. The first time.
  • Actually cook the difficult recipes I see in cookbooks, the ones I label in my mind for “someday.” I suspect they won’t be as difficult as I think they are.
  • Spend most of my time cooking easy, satisfying (and for me, that includes stimulating), homemade food – and wallow in all-day cookfests on weekends, instead of trying to cram in two-hour recipes after work.

I think I can do it.