Stop!  This is only half a review, really.  Check out the Indy’s review, if you want a full one.

I stopped by the restaurant on Saturday after going to the Sand Creek Library to pick up some books; it was three in the afternoon.

The first thing I noticed was that nobody was there.

The second thing I noticed was the karaoke setup.  Holy moly, are they serious about their karaoke.  What I assumed was some kind of soap opera was playing; women with heads the size of tractor tires were sobbing in a foreign language, anyway.  Did I mention their karaoke setup?

A woman greeted me after a few seconds.  I can only assume that she’s the owner.  She’s about two inches taller than Ray.  Shorter than my mother-in-law, bless her heart.  By a LOT.

I said, “I would like a snack.”

She proceeded to try to turn me to the dark side, with everything from banana fritters to adobo chicken to “just listening” to karaoke, later that night.

I left with three orders of banana fritters, which I took home to Lee and Ray.  We heated them up in the microwave, and they were still viciously crisp, soaked  in honey, with bananas firm to the tooth.

I’ll be back.

Just not on Friday or Saturday night.  I don’t want her to make me sing.