Various people I have met have different ideas about how to make bacon. I recently discovered that my ideas weren’t even the same as Lee’s – so I’m going to document them here.

First, bacon is not meant to be sticklike, that is, flat and dry.
Second, bacon is not meant to be rubberized fat with meat decorations.

Bacon is supposed to be somewhat rippled in shape, with just enough unrendered fat to keep it moist, and as many crunchy bits as you can get without being dry.

How to make bacon, De-style:
Take up to one pound of bacon per pan, peel it apart. Heat the pan to medium heat. Add the bacon and cover for about 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until the meat looks cooked but the fat is still white (not translucent or browned). Take the cover off the pan and raise the heat slightly. Cook until the bacon fat is mostly rendered and the bacon is just turning a deep, overall brown. Remove each piece of bacon onto a paper towel as it is ready; do not wait for the whole pan!

For preference, serve on toast with mayo, lettuce, sliced red red red tomato, and soft avocado.