Deep fried sweet potatoes cry out for something creamy to dip them in.

I almost always order the sweet potato fries at Nosh. But I almost never get to eat most of them.  Someone always steals most of them off my plate.

I decided I had to make them.  So they would be mine.

And that tonight would be the only night this week I would have the time to make them.

So I sliced them about a half-inch wide and a quarter-inch thick.

And then I deep-fried them, in oil a little lower than I usually use.

And then I drained them and sprinkled fleur de sel over them and rolled them around and around.

And then…I made the sauce:

1 T honey

1 t sriracha/rooster sauce

1/4 c mayonnaise

Well, and then after that I made a batch of beer batter (recipe here) and dipped chicken in it, then thinned that out with milk and dipped yellow onion rings and pickle slices in it (you want the onion rings and pickles to dry out a little, to get crisp; you want the chicken to be heavily insulated, to stay moist).  I was too busy to take pictures.

Lee ate most of the sweet potato fries and most of the sauce, damn him.