I got I Am Almost Always Hungry, a cookbook by Laura Zarubin, in the mail the other day.  It’s a collection of seasonal menus, about 7-8 per season, some menus easier, some harder, some with ingredients that make me wince.

Like truffles.

All you need is one truffle for to do the truffle menu, which is five or six dishes with truffles in them.

Just oooone little truffle (or a half-pound of fresh winter white Italian truffles, for $2,296 (you save $918.40!).

Google, you’re going to kill me.  I literally winced.

Or I could get 3 oz of fresh black winter truffles from Oregon for $60.

I’m planning a Julie/Julia party at my house in February*.  I miiiiiiiiiiight do the truffle thing.  Then again, I might not.  So many possibilities.

Update: Whole Foods will not order me a truffle.

*That is, cook something hard/unusual, then watch the Julia & Julia movie and laugh about What Went Wrong.